Pickleball Canada National Championship 2021

Level 1 Referees will be compensated $5 per match
Level 2 Referees $7 per match
Certified Referees $10 per match.
Volunteer referees with the appropriate training are also encouraged to referee, space permitting.

Officials – As many of you know officiating in Pickleball is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Where else can you get a front row seat at no cost? Whether you are refereeing or being a line judge you get this same front row seat. Regardless of the level of pickleball you are officiating, whether it be your local members’ tournament, a sanctioned tournament or a regional or national championship, you have a close-up view of some great rallies and the athleticism of some highly skilled players.
In preparing for the Pickleball Canada National Championships, we all need to be well versed with the 2021 Official Rules and the Best Practices required to be truly professional and respected as officials. With 2020 having a limited number of tournaments, this 2021 National Championship Tournament hosted by the Red Deer Pickleball Club will most definitely be a great event.
As the Director of Officiating in Alberta, I am excited to see all the great players and officials from across Canada come together in Red Deer for the first Canadian National Championship to be hosted in Alberta. We are fortunate to have 8 Certified Referees in Alberta and have developed a good training program for prospective referees. We have Certified Referee Trainers in Southern, Central and Northern Alberta who will travel to clubs regardless of location to deliver classroom and on the court training.
The Red Deer Pickleball Club has put a tremendous amount of time and resources into this tournament to make it a lot more than a tournament but also a great show and event. Whether you plan on attending as a Referee, Player or Line Judge, you will surely have a great experience. As Referees, Players or Line Judges you will want to hone your skills prior to August to be prepared.
For Line Judges to prepare for this event you should also review the new rulebook, paying particular attention to Section 13 which addresses Tournament Management and Officiating. Line Judges should also do the Line Judge Exam online on the Pickleball Canada Website.
I am looking forward to meeting and seeing you in Red Deer, August 10th- 15th, 2021 for the Pickleball Canada National Championships.

Garand Jones,
Pickleball Alberta Director of Officiating